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“You are what you eat” as the saying goes, and shouldn’t you be feeding the very best to your canine friend?  Of course you should!

BDN Pet Foods was founded on this premise.  
All of our dogs are fed a RAW diet combined with Green Beef Tripe, the most nutritional super food. Dogs go crazy over it!  You will find your dogs to be more healthy, alert, active and full of energy.
After a while of feeding raw, you will notice the difference: shinier coats, sweeter breath, cleaner teeth, better muscle definition, etc, etc...
The list is endless!

Wholesome Fermented Air Dried Pet Food

Check out our unique wholesome fermented air dried line, a meat based raw food of very high quality. Air drying is a very old way of food preservation and has a very high nutritional value for your pooch. All our products are bought locally, are not only fresh, never frozen and purchased on the day of production but also wholesome real Grade A meats of restaurant quality. No scraps. All our products are purchased localy, from USDA inspected plants in the USA. The only frozen products we use are the green beef tripe, which is hard to get by and is bought by us by the truck load, and secondly the blueberries, because they are seasonal.  These come from Maine. Both products are flash frozen to keep them as fresh as possible.
The green beef tripe is added to all our products since it is an excellent and natural source of calcium and lactobacteria, better known as probiotics.
The reason the dogs love the wholesome fermented air dried products so much is that all those flavors are concentrated when air dried and get released the moment you add water.
Read some of the numerous testimonials we get in on a regular basis. Air drying also gives us the possibility to use fermented vegetables. Fermented veggies have an abundance of lactobacteria (probiotics). The positive effects of the lactobacteria is also the reason we started fermenting the vegetables. Lactobacteria reside in the intestines and are known as "friendly" or "beneficial" bacteria. They are essential, not just for the health of your pet, but are vital for the assimilation of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and the manufacture of B-Vitamins, Vitamin K, and assorted amino acids. The fermented vegetables makes the food extremely bio-available for your pet.
The fermented vegetables are added to the meats, prior to drying, same for the blueberries, which become very raisin-like when air-dried and difficult to digest for your pet. For that reason we blend them (fresh) into a smoothie and also ad them to the meats.
All the other vegetables and fruits are added separate and are visible in the end product.
We air dry the products ourselves, have full control over the production and quality of our foods.

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